About Dr. Janeen Paul

I started practicing yoga and meditation several years ago and discovered many benefits in mind and body.  I felt more relaxed, better focused, and less upset by the “little things” in life. Because the practices had such a powerful effect on me, I wanted to share the benefits with others through my medical practice.

As an outpatient psychiatrist, I treat people dealing with mild to moderate mental conditions. Medications helped a lot of my patients improve significantly, however, many still had residual symptoms or just didn’t feel 100% well. I began to research the practices that have enhanced my own life, and discovered a growing body of evidence that yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices can improve many mental health conditions from stress and anxiety to depression.

I completed a yoga teaching certification and sought out more advanced studies in yoga and meditation for depression and anxiety.  Now I offer a blend of modern psychiatric care, including psychotherapeutic methods and medications when indicated, as well as interventions based on the teachings of yoga and mindfulness. These include breathing exercises, mini daily yoga “prescriptions” as well as mindfulness techniques to return to the present moment. I feel privileged to be able to offer these as part of psychiatric office visits with my regular patients. I have also designed educational workshops to address many common concerns, such as stress and insomnia. These take place in the soothing atmosphere of my office/studio at Perakis, Resis, Woods and Associates in Vernon Hills. My blog, MindfulBalanceMD, allows me to write from personal and professional experience to give practical suggestions to maintain balance despite a stressful life. 

I am board certified in adult psychiatry, and I have completed an RYT-200 yoga teacher training. I have studied iRest ® Yoga Nidra meditation, and I have done further training in LifeForce ® Yoga for Depression and therapeutic Viniyoga. I practice in the group Perakis, Resis, Woods and Associates in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Please see http://www.prapsych.com for more information.