Not Just Another Resolution

The new year has arrived, and with it the chance for a brand new start.  Perhaps, like many people you are considering making a resolution.  After all, this is a great time to reflect on the past year and consider some things to let go of that didn’t serve you, or to add some new habits that will enhance your health or well-being. There are many great articles out right now about how to develop good habits or let go of unhealthy ones.  But my focus this year isn’t about exercising more or adding more whole grains to my diet, though both are worthy goals! This year, I want to be more inspired.

Now I know that the world is full of amazing and beautiful things. Inspiration is all around us, but sometimes I feel like I forget to look for it. There may be occasional super electric lightning bolts of inspiration that force us to sit up and take notice. But those don’t come along very often. So where can we find every day inspiration? If I’m paying attention, I can be inspired by the small acts and words of people around me, by the constant changes and transformations in nature, or by the love and dedication of my dog. If I’m not looking at these every day occurrences with open eyes and an open heart, they become the mundane background noise of life. They run together, and life becomes colorless and dull. Uninspiring.

So this year, my focus is on finding daily inspiration.  Without it, I’m less likely to follow through with goals or start new projects anyway.  But with my radar set on being inspired by everything and everyone around me, I know the spark will find me.  Who knows what changes I might make when I spend time each day seeking creative fuel?  If you want to find more inspiration in your life, too, join me in keeping a daily inspiration journal.  Each day I will write three things that were compelling or uplifting, or made me stop and take notice.  I don’t know where this will lead me, but I’m inspired to find out!

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