No Room for Weeds

Our thoughts become the words we say.  Our words influence the actions we take, and our actions show the world what kind of character we possess.  Now I certainly don’t choose every thought that comes into my mind.  Sometimes I’m downright shocked by the things that pop up!  But, once a thought appears, I get to choose what happens next.

I like to think of the thoughts as seeds, and I am the master gardener.  Bad thoughts are the weeds in my garden.  If I recognize them early enough, I can discard those seeds before they are even planted.  Should a bad thought take root and sprout, I have to act quickly.  They have a tendency to multiply and take over everything!  But I can’t actually pluck a thought out of my mind like a weed.  Instead, my goal becomes to feed and water all the varieties of good plants in my patch of soil.  What we nourish will flourish, as the saying goes.

While I can’t control the thoughts that come up, I can control whether I give them my energy and attention.  The nasty weeds of judgment, self-criticism and jealousy can be ignored, left to dry up and wither away.  Instead, I will shine my focus on the positive thoughts: those filled with kindness, compassion and goodwill.  The more attention I give them, the more they expand and fill my mind.  Eventually there is no room for the negative.  Good thoughts lead to kind words which trigger helpful actions.  And a strong and deep-rooted character will grow.

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